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Amusement Park Fun in Orlando
Free Admission Free Parking Free Wi-FI!

HUGE Orlando Amusement Park Family Fun

High Value Amusement Parks just Minutes from Universal Studios

Perfect for younger children and adults both!Our Orlando amusement park, Fun Spot America Orlando, offers countless hours of family, tween, teen and kid fun conveniently located just minutes from Universal Studios in the heart of International Drive. Ideal for family nights, parties out or just a last-minute thrill park escape, our amusement parks give you the best rides, games and go-kart action at the best prices! 

And with FREE admission, FREE parking and FREE Wi-Fi, you can enjoy an amusement park escape you can afford to return to again and again! Located just minutes from your doorstep if you’re an Orlando resident, Fun Spot America Orlando provides endless thrills just down the road.   

Fun Spot America Orlando Features Fun for All Ages

From high school seniors to senior citizens, Fun Spot America Orlando has the ideal level of excitement for you!

That includes a choice of roller coasters, Thrill rides, go-karts and games, including:

  • Orlando’s Only Wooden Roller Coaster—White Lightning 
  • 4 Go-Kart Tracks—3 multi-level, 1 speed track
  • 7 Family/Thrill Rides – Including the Paratrooper,  Rip Curl and Revolver
  • World’s Second Tallest SkyCoaster at 250 Feet 
  • Cadet Go-Kart Track Designed for a 4, 5 and 6-year-old. A child’s First Drive
  • 8  Kid Spot Rides for Preschooler Fun
  • 2 Stories of Over 100 of the Hottest New and Classic Arcade Games 

Perfect for younger children and adults both!With our “KidSpot,” our park is perfect for parties geared towards younger children. All our rides in this slower speed section are designed for children between 24 inches and 42 inches tall, so there’s fun for every member of the family. This special section features 8 young child rides, including a mini fun house, Tea Cups, the El Paso Train, the Froghopper and Kiddie Coaster

For high-speed thrills that keep you on the ground, don’t miss our extreme go-kart racing. Put your driving skills to the test with 4 patented track designs! And when you’re ready for some high-flying fun, take a ride on Orlando’s only wooden roller coaster, the brand new White Lightning! Then take the plunge on our spinning, dipping Paratrooper and watch the rest of the park swirl around you as you pick up more and more speed!     

And whether you need to do some shopping before or after stopping in for the thrills and excitement at Fun Spot America Orlando, our location couldn't be better! Located right near the Premium Outlet Mall, our great location lets some play while others shop! Check out our printable park map to see how we deliver exceptional excitement to the heart of International Drive.

Fun Spot Attractions Reviews!
  • "First and foremost, the staff makes you feel welcomed and are always willing to help. Seeing a smiling face really helps when spending the day with your family. The variety of go cart rides keeps you running from one to another. No two tracks are the same and each has its own uniqueness. Being able to go from one track to another keeps the day flowing and the excitement ramped up."

    – Bobby Dolan, Account Executive, Clear Channel

  • "It’s HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUmungous!!"

    – Nadeem Battle, CEO, Treasure Island Gifts

  • "Fun Spot has always been a great way to spend a day with my daughter. Every time has been a day full of laughs and we can’t wait to enjoy the new rides!!!!"

    – Evan Bash, Account Executive, Outdoor Media

  • "I went to Fun Spot with some friends and we all had a great time! The go-kart track was by far the best I’ve raced on in Orlando. Definitely make a trip back to the park soon and I can’t wait to see what they’ve been working on for the expansion!"

    – Brent Henderson, Founder Party Tutor

  • "The staff are amazing people who really enjoy their jobs. They are always smiling and are having almost as much fun as the guest. Thank you Fun Spot!"

    – Mark Jepperson, Apopka

  • "Great value and big fun for the price. I enjoy being able to get in and out of the Park quickly. The employees are friendly, the place is clean and I am looking forward to the rides!"

    – Mike Meadors, WKMG TV Employee

  • "Fun Spot is my go to whenever my nephew Josh comes to town! The I drive location is very convenient to where I live. AND, Fun Spot can provide us BOTH with a whole day of fun!!!"

    – Gretchen Hahn, Business Owner

  • "The difference with Fun Spot is that you are a big part of how the fun is made, making it a unique chance for family and friends to interact together. The perfect antidote to a long day!"

    – Kevin Maw, Travel Consultant from UK

  • "I would like to personally thank the WHOLE Fun Spot Birthday Party crew for the amazing time we had yesterday for our daughter Ella’s birthday. The staff was so attentive and helpful. They worked tirelessly and made every guest, not just the “party girl”, feel important. Everyone was so friendly and professional! Your girls were GREAT!"

    – Rodney Levy, Direct of Business Development

  • "It is fascinating to see how rapidly Fun Spot Attractions has grown, in such a short period of time! Fun Spot has been a great partner to us and we truly appreciate how easy it is to work with them. Selling tickets truly is FUN! We are so excited for the future and look forward to a long and rewarding partnership."

    – Christina Martinez, Manager, Product Development

  • "Fun Spot is the best kept secret in Orlando. This is a very friendly, fun place for the entire family. My 6 year old grandson said he liked it better than Disney!! I agree with him! Skip Disney (unless you just have to have the experience) and go to Fun Spot instead. The value we got for our money was phenominal and waiting in line for rides was minimal or non-existent. You won't be disappointed. The park was extremely clean and the staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful. I specifically remember the go-cart attendant Jack was super friendly and helpful. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. "

    – Peg Smolarsky, Mechanicsville, Md

  • "Fun spot is amazing"

    – Esterlande, Orlando

  • "The kart tracks are crazy fun. I could ride all day! In fact, the price is right to do just that!"

    – Bob Walko, WOFL TV Producer

  • "Fun Spot Kissimmee is a great and conveniently located attraction aside from the other major local attractions. It offers a fun, exciting, and memorable experience for all ages including adults that my kids frequently ask to go back to again and again and again!"

    – Eric Bonesteel, Manager , Encantada Resort & Regal Oaks Resort

  • "Fun Spot Kissimmee, home to the SkyCoaster Thrill Ride, is a blast. With lots of food options and an indoor arcade, it is the perfect place to plan your birthday party, or any event."

    – Tracy Ward, Director of Sale, Experience Kissimmee

  • "Fun Spot Attractions is a great place for kids of all ages at a great value. I have had nieces and nephews visit from out of town between the ages of 5 to 17 and Fun Spot Attractions was their favorite day in Orlando. That is saying a lot considering all the other parks they visited while they were here. As the person paying, I loved hearing that. Fun Spot Attractions did not do near the damage to my Wallet as the other parks in town."

    – Brian Doherty, WOFL Account Executive

  • "Want to thank Fun Spot for hosting our annual hotel team member picnic. We have done a number of events in different locations and this was the most well attendee and fun one yet. What a great value and truly fun for all ages! We will be back!"

    – John Parkinson, General Manager, Embassy Suites

  • "Fun Spot has been such a wonderful partner with our organization. Our families enjoy their quality time at this family friendly park. Thank you for being such a wonderful community partner Fun Spot!"

    – Edward DeAguilera, Business Development Director, Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida

  • "Our City Beverages Company Picnic was in my opinion a HUGE success! Our Team Members and their family members had a great time all day! Your staff at Fun Spot could not have been better! Whenever we had a question or needed anything, they were right there to help. The staff was so friendly and seemed so happy for us to be there! Even after the rain, they were out moving water away from rides so that people could get right back on them to enjoy the day!The food was great, prices were good for families, and there were many activities to keep everyone entertained - whether it was a child or an adult! I would definitely recommend people use you guys for corporate events, family events, or to come out just to have fun with friends for the day! It was a great time! Thanks!"

    – Ada Simpson, City Beverages

  • "My family and I went to the Fun Spot in Kissimmee, and had a great time. My husband and I have 5 children ranging from ages 5-15, and they all had fun! The employees that we interacted with were all very helpful and they all had a great attitude which is always great to feel like people really appreciate you being there and are glad you came. Thank you so much for the great experience!!"

    – A. Carter, Somerville, Tx

  • "Fun Spot is an amazing park. It offers something for everyone in a family. And the price is absolutely the best in Central Florida. Each guest is treated with friendly, professional courtesy."

    – Terri Ilgen, Brighthouse Account Executive

  • "Fun Spot is the place to go if you want to fly like an eagle. Their eagle ride is awesome."

    – Bobbie Hancock, American Door Company

  • "We love any place with fun in the name and Fun Spot truly lives up to it. With rides, go-carts, thrills, and now roller coasters, you can’t find any other place in Orlando to have as much fun for as little money."

    – Matt Roseboom, Editor/Publisher, Orlando Attractions Magazine

  • "Fun Spot is an amazing attraction that has something for everyone. Thrilling rides, fun-filled games, exciting go carts and even a merry-go-round for the little ones. Big or small, you’ll have a great time! Whether you stay for a few hours or all day long, Fun Spot has fun for everyone!"

    – Maria Triscari, International Drive Chamber President